Magical Niue Sea Adventures 

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Clear Bottom Kayaks
Clear bottom Kayaks
The best way to see the underwater world without getting wet.
These double kayaks are well built and very stable. The clear hull is made from polycarbonate, the same material used on fighter jets and submarine view ports.
It gives you a wide view of the underwater, and with one of the clearest waters in the world, you will really enjoy seeing everything under you, whether it is one meter or 30m deep. A real cool experience!
Coral and fish ID cards are available to take with you, to enrich your experience.
Guided tours are available and are recommended, depending on sea conditions. Guided tours include learning some interesting facts about the island, the reef, corals, reef fish and creatures you will most likely to see during the trip.
Guided tour: up to 2 hours  - $100 per kayak (for 2 people)
One hour trip - $70 per kayak (for 2 people)
The photo below was taken through the clear bottom
part of the kayak. Showing how clear you can see
everything under.

Clear Bottom Fishing Kayaks
We have 2 clear bottom fishing kayaks that are great for those seeking adventurous fishing.
This very stable kayak comes with 4 rod holders. 2 in front, and 2 at the back.
This activity is for serious fishermen with fishing experience, as fish caught in Niue's water can be very large, depending on method used.
Rates: $100 per 2 hours, or $150 per half day. You keep everything you catch. Fishing rods are provided.
Trip must include 2 kayaks for safety reasons. The kayaks come with all the safety gear, including a marine radio.
Subject to sea conditions.

For more information please contact us (see below)
Touring Sea Kayaks
Our 5.2m single and double kayaks are great for longer distance trips.
These are for the more experienced kayakers who wish to paddle along the beautiful west coast of the island. A great way to see part of the island from a different and very special prospective, and take great photos.
These long sea kayaks are built for speed. Comes with a rudder to make life a bit easier.
Each trip must include 2 single kayaks, or one double, so minimum 2 people together per trip, for safety reasons.
All safety gear is provided, including a marine radio.
Trips are strictly subject to sea conditions.
Rates: please enquire (see below)