Magical Niue Sea Adventures 

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Humpback whales come to Niue's waters each year from about July to September to calve and nurse their young, often very close to shore.

An adult female whale can measure up to 16m long, and weigh up to 40 tonnes !!

Can you imagine what it would feel like seeing  these magnificent creatures from a very short distance? Can you imagine how special it would feel to be in the water with them?! Surely it would be an experience that you will never forget.

Magical Niue Sea Adventures offers Whale Watching trips (with our 6.4m boat seen above), where the main objective is getting into the water and snorkel with the whales, when conditions allow.

These trips are educational in nature, with interesting knowledge shared, not just about the whales, but also about the island, its reef and other marine creatures.

All snorkeling gear is provided.

Tour duration: Approx 4hrs on the water.

We are now taking bookings for 2017 Whale Watching season.

Rates: We have taken out the risk for you.  Pay only for what you experience !

$170 - for guaranteed in-water interaction with the whales, or you get a refund!

We give you whatever the ocean gives us during the tour. You do not have to pay for what you don't see or experience.

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* Trips are subject to sea conditions.